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Card Worth: 4894

last update @ September 16, 2021


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Activity Logs

September 16, 2021 ------------
- Coin Flip: redpandas13, rubies15, butterflies08, fennecfoxes17
- Toggler: rubybonnets16, lavender17, snowflakes08, redpandas06
- Harvesting (Two): amethyst15, flamingoes13, yorkshireterriers09, +2 golds
- Freebies: fairywrens18, galaxies11, jellyfish20, typhoons16, sun04, hermitcrabs06, rosequartz13, emperorpenguins03, emperorpenguins12, butterflies18, +5 golds
- Black Jack: rosequartz14, zionnationalpark04, maize10, autumn06, +1 gold
- Slots (Image Type): eurasierdogs05, cherryshrimp16, forests06
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): pumpkins09, norwegianforestcats10
- Island-Hop: lilies01, seaturtles05

September 12, 2021 ------------
- Upcoming Vote: bismuth10, spiderwebs05, islands15, redspiderlilies16
- Melting Pot: Traded carrots03 for goldfish17
- Melting Pot: Traded arcticfoxes07 for supernovae12
- Card Claim: Claimed supernovae17 and pomegranates13

September 10, 2021 ------------
- Melting Pot: Traded americancockroaches19 for pyjamasharks17
- Slot Machine (Token Type): riversoca07, milkyway13, venus10, barnowls18, redspiderlilies11
- Reaction (Jackpot): succulents16, waterfalls20, goldfish05, bettafish15, butterflies04, redfoxes16, arcticfoxes07, mainecoons12, jellyfish11, lapislazuli14
- Toggler: spring03, riversoca04
- Jan Ken Pon (Won): moon04, rubies15, venusflytraps05, bismuth09

September 08, 2021 ------------
- Donations (rivers): gladiolus17, amethyst12, northernlights14, +1

September 05, 2021 ------------
- Mastery Drive (bettafish): silver18, blackcats13, tigers01, arcticfoxes07, tigers08, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (gold): silver12, silver14, stars07, whitetigers01, dunes13, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (lapislazuli): bettafish16, bettafish17, orchidmantis06, succulents02, cherryblossoms08, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (riversoca): gold19, gold10, butterflies20, riversoca20, fog12, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (durians): riversoca15, riversoca19, glaciers12, lilies19, olives05, , +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (sun): durians02, durians14, wolves08, desertcardinals08, marguerites01, , +5 golds
- Wishes #143 (2021-09-04): durians13, gold08, gold05, riversoca09, bettafish09, durians09, riversoca02, lilies03
- Wishes #142 (2021-09-04): silver10, bettafish04, lilies12, durians03, fennecfoxes19, lilies17, durians01, gold02
- 3 Chance Pack (x1): blueberries18, desertcardinals14, blueberries09
- Harvesting (Two): whitejapaneseraccoondogs17, corpselilies01, lilyofthevalley17, +2 golds
- Jigsaw: badlandsnationalpark14, oceans09
- Hangman 2 (Text): lava13, fairywrens11
- Treasure Hunt: virginiatigermoths12, lions14
- Seed Packets: mainecoons01, gold04
- Wheels (Love Blossom): wolves14, fog18, venus08, stars12, +3 golds
- Freebies: spiderwebs08, succulents16, sun20, sunsets16, amazonrainforest07, manedwolves10, postojnacave04, moss12, gardenias12, hibiscus05, +5 golds
- Upcoming Vote: emperorpenguins02, bushvipers19, fossils01, butterflies13
- Card Claim: Claimed lilies19 and indigomilkcaps19

September 03, 2021 ------------
- Deck Release (2021-08-28): bigbendnationalpark06, grevyszebras09, archesnationalpark15, capefoxes12
- Daily Login (2021-09-04): manedwolves06, +1 gold
- Mastery Drive (arcticfoxes): jellyfish13, jellyfish20, butterflies13, axolotls11, spring19, +5 golds
- Wishes #141 (2021-08-28): riversoca01, bettafish03, silver06, jellyfish07, silver04, durians10, durians04
- 3 Chance Pack (x1): acadianationalpark05, blueberries07, blueberries17
- Games (Higher or Lower): zionnationalpark11, liverleaves05, +1
- Memory: gardenias11, tornadoes17, lava03, stars02
- Lucky Match (Three Matches): starfish15, sunflowers04, badlandsnationalpark16, rustyspottedcats17, giantscauseway04, oceans01, hibiscus06, wulingyuan16
- Slot Machine (Token Type): horses02, moon02, geysers19, northernlights14, moon10

September 01, 2021 ------------
- Gift (Mastery Drive: 20 Decks): riversoca20, polarbears18, gold16, spring12, giantsequoia01, cliffs07, dandelions02, olms10, supernovae09, turquoise08, mackereltabbycats15, barnowls11, oleanders11, greatwhitesharks08, redspiderlilies01, dunes05, supernovae16, bismuth01, winter05, honeybees20, supernovae16, sunsets13, supernovae06, sunrises02, plankton06, northerncardinals17, corals09, badlandsnationalpark13, humans20, whitetaileddeers06, +60
- Games (Higher or Lower): lemmings19, whitetigers05, +1
- Trade Points (x1): axolotls09, deserts05, lakes03, scottishreddeer18, , +1 gold
- Melting Pot: Traded bmbordercollies08 for durians07

August 30, 2021 ------------
- Daily Login (2021-08-31): emperorpenguins14, +1 gold
- Toggler: clouds06, orchidmantis13

August 29, 2021 ------------
- Slots (Image Type): nemophila07, atlanticpuffins18, postojnacave08, tanzanites15, sun14, deserts17
- Black Jack: plainszebras18, typhoons01, edelweiss16, zebras08, lions09, redspiderlilies03, cherryblossoms02, cinnabarmoths01, +2 golds
- Island-Hop: succulents11, eurasierdogs09, sunsets20, peacockspiders15
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): leafcutterbees04, nebulae10, durians05, orangeclownfish13
- Freebies: summer18, cacti19, france06, postojnacave05, kingfishers20, postojnacave15, stars04, slovenia02, waves05, wisteria01, +5 golds
- Upcoming Vote: lemmings03, whitetaileddeers14, hermitcrabs08, geodes06
- Card Claim: Claimed bettafish11 and leafcutterbees05
- Gift (Milestone Badges): ms-Mysti-1mfjords
- Daily Login (2021-08-30): fairywrens04, +1 gold

August 27, 2021 ------------
- Deck Mastery (lichens): sun12, sun19, redpandas05, peacockspiders06, carrots14, , +5 golds
- Games (Higher or Lower): snowflakes19, iceland17, +1
- Daily Login (2021-08-28): whalesharks04, +1 gold

August 26, 2021 ------------
- Daily Login (2021-08-27): fujiyama02, +1 gold
- Donator Pull (2021-08-21): durians16
- Deck Release (2021-08-21): durians08, durians17, shameplant19, pinklakes18

August 25, 2021 ------------
- Daily Login (2021-08-26): wolves03, +1 gold

August 21, 2021 ------------
- Reaction (Jackpot): lapislazuli11, nebulae18, emeralds16, milkyway02, tigers14, clovers15, bamboo12, northernlights14, edelweiss20, fog19
- Slot Machine (Token Type): giraffes18, autumn13, arcticfoxes07, giraffes19, seaturtles06
- Mastery Drive (moon): arcticfoxes09, arcticfoxes19, bamboo01, bamboo15, rosymaplemoths09, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (butterflies): moon16, moon20, fennecfoxes17, orchidmantis15, moon01, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (rubybonnets): lapislazuli15, lapislazuli19, moon17, stars20, silver09, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (nebulae): butterflies16, butterflies17, venus05, bamboo10, succulents17, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (cherryblossoms): rubybonnets07, rubybonnets11, amethyst14, barnowls17, rainbow18, +5 golds
- Wishes #139 (2021-08-21): cherryblossoms16, durians05, moon18, moon15, nebulae18, butterflies06, nebulae12, rubybonnets02, silver16, durians20, rubybonnets13
- Wishes #138 (2021-08-21): horses13, croatia01, nebulae06, grapes02, scottishreddeer12, milkyway04, orangeclownfish09, cinnabarmoths04, edelweiss19, deadsea08
- Mastery Drive (mountains): nebulae07, nebulae10, northernlights14, bettafish15, whitetigers20, +5 golds
- Jan Ken Pon (Won): fossils06, fennecfoxes07, succulents01, fog19
- Toggler: giraffes17, rainbow02
- Hangman 2 (Text): hummingbirds03, roses07
- Seed Packets: hibiscus05, plankton15
- 3 Chance Pack (x1): france15, pinklakes08, durians12
- Wheels (Lif\'s Sapling): turquoise10, quicksilver08, jellyfish01, +2 golds
- War: redpandas19, pinksapphires06
- Upcoming Vote: orchidmantis15, cherryblossoms05, deadsea14, whippets08
- Freebies: fallspark13, whitejapaneseraccoondogs02, flyagarics10, sunflowers01, oleanders14, durians11, crestedgeckos07, americansamoa11, waves20, nebulae02, +5 golds
- Daily Login (2021-08-21): molds10, +1 gold

August 18, 2021 ------------
- Daily Login (2021-08-19): glaciers08, +1 gold

August 16, 2021 ------------
- Mastery Drive (deadsea): cherryblossoms14, cherryblossoms20, cherryblossoms15, jellyfish10, gold13, +5 golds
- Reaction (Jackpot): tigers17, spring05, lapislazuli06, jellyfish17, lava08, clovers14, fog05, redspiderlilies02, koi18, venus11
- Petrology: olms03, pollen07, pearls10, +2 golds
- Lucky Match (Three Matches): supernovae14, rain08, amazonrainforest08, sunflowers15, +5 golds
- Memory: olives13, sodalite10
- Island-Hop: gold09, lemmings19
- 3 Chance Pack (x1): chocolatehills10, americansamoa05, americansamoa14
- Deck Release (2021-08-14): kyanites09, kyanites15, supernovae10, supernovae19, pinksapphires02, pinksapphires11, americansamoa02, giantsequoia15
- Daily Login (2021-08-17): lapislazuli02, +1 gold

August 14, 2021 ------------
- Melting Pot: Traded oleanders17 for supernovae16
- Mastery Drive (stars): deadsea09, deadsea10, seaturtles14, milkyway14, fossils04, +5 golds
- Vials Exchange (x1): -2 vials for stars13
- Mastery Drive (northernlights): stars03, stars10, croatia01, orchidmantis20, snowflakes13, +5 golds
- Wishes #137 (2021-08-14): deadsea06, butterflies04, stars18, deadsea04, stars15, northernlights15, cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms15, barnowls19

August 13, 2021 ------------
- Jan Ken Pon (Won): milkyway07, amethyst19, venusflytraps13, stars20
- Coin Flip: jellyfish12, goldfish11
- Slot Machine (Token Type): stars08, barnowls10, snowflakes12, moon04, amethyst04
- Toggler: dandelions01, barnowls09
- Card Claim: Claimed kyanites01 and typhoons17
- Slots (Image Type): devilstooth02, tardigrades09, tigers16
- Black Jack: catmint07, eurasierdogs18, obsidians07, koalas07, +1 gold
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): badlandsnationalpark09, venusflytraps20
- Freebies: forests01, ghostfungi11, tigers13, scottishhighlands06, postojnacave20, graywolves06, oleanders11, rosehips06, amazonrainforest19, americansamoa20, ragdolls08, whitetaileddeers01, bat-earedfoxes12, goldenbrushtailpossums20, sun03, fjords10, supernovae04, tardigrades12, rainbow19, supernovae05, +10 golds
- Upcoming Vote: christmas202019, liverleaves16, whippets04, oceans19, arcticfoxes12, cwbordercollies11, ayamcemani18, giantscauseway18
- Melting Pot: Traded americancockroaches06 for amber07
- Daily Login (2021-08-14): supercells01, +1 gold

August 12, 2021 ------------
- Mastery Drive (prejoin): northernlights02, northernlights10, snowflakes17, spring13, whitetigers15, +5 golds
- Vials Exchange (x1): -2 vials for prejoin17
- 5 Random Pack (x1): riversoca09, hibiscus06, snowflakes03, summer16, newyear202108
- Gift (Mastery Drive: 10 Decks): polarbears07, newyear202119, corpselilies16, postojnacave15, edelweiss13, heathers03, orchidmantis02, galaxies19, viruses01, manedwolves12, graywolves10, tigers07, bushvipers20, americancockroaches06, mushrooms11, barnowls02, mars05, pyjamasharks19, bigsur06, tornadoes12, +50
- Daily Login (2021-08-13): sky07, +1 gold
- Mastery Drive (geysers): prejoin02, prejoin05, moon01, rubybonnets15, amethyst04, +5 golds

August 11, 2021 ------------
- Mastery Drive (venus): prejoin06, prejoin10, seaturtles11, amethyst18, mountains15, +5 golds
- 5 Random Pack (x2): sareknationalpark18, starfish11, acorns19, sweden19, rubybonnets09, valentines202119, gardenias06, earth08, bismuth02, dandelions06
- 5 Random Pack (x1): orchidmantis03, volcanoes11, fujiyama12, lavender11, plankton06
- Mastery Drive (fossils): geysers18, geysers19, rubybonnets18, rubies08, mainecoons20, +5 golds
- Daily Login (2021-08-12): bushvipers03, +1 gold

August 10, 2021 ------------
- Daily Login (2021-08-11): forests06, +1 gold

August 08, 2021 ------------
- Mastery Drive (edelweiss): venus17, geysers05, goldfish12, mountains02, deadsea05, +5 golds
- Vials Exchange (x1): -2 vials for edelweiss05
- Deck Mastery (ayamcemani): lichens08, lichens14, cherryblossoms17, rainbow12, rubies07, , +5 golds
- Daily Login (2021-08-09): lionsmane17, +1 gold

August 07, 2021 ------------
- Games (Higher or Lower): postojnacave11, rosehips13, +1
- Daily Login (2021-08-08): peaches09, +1 gold
- Donations (dragonfruit): tardigrades19, saturn01, andeanfoxes09, +1 gold
- Donations (swallowtailbutterflies): butterflies12, sweden06, vermilioncardinals19, +1gold
- Donations (sand): emeralds15, pinkbeaches06, classictabbycats01, +1 gold
- Mastery Drive (tigers): fossils16, venus03, mainecoons04, butterflies08, koi01, +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (begonias): tigers08, tigers10, dunes12, blackcats09, lava10, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (corpselilies): begonias01, fossils06, virginiatigermoths03, olms14, tigers06, , +5 golds
- Level Up (9. Fruit): corpselilies14, corpselilies16, corpselilies17, humans02, summer04, lichens10, saturn08, , +1 vial, +10 golds

August 06, 2021 ------------
- 5 Random Pack (x1): butterflies05, honeybees17, rubybonnets12, figs08, pears13
- Deck Release (2021-08-07): blacktruffles02, blacktruffles15, grapes03, grapes19
- Mastery Drive (fog): tigers04, tigers07, tigers04, succulents20, tigers12, , +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (glaciers): fog15, fog20, tigers17, tigers20, tigers05, , +5 golds
- Mastery Drive (lava): glaciers18, glaciers19, tigers16, tigers09, tigers20, , +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (devilstooth): fog04, ayamcemani20, lavender03, barnowls05, tanzanites07, , +5 golds
- Wishes #133 (2021-08-07): ayamcemani18, sun05, fog16, sun14, corpselilies06, cacti02
- Deck Mastery (jupiter): devilstooth20, lava17, giantpandas17, pumpkins13, humans06, , +5 golds
- Wishes #132 (2021-08-07): fog09, lava11, ayamcemani10, ayamcemani16, corpselilies08, fossils04, glaciers01, sun07, corpselilies02, fog05, glaciers12, cacti19
- Wishes #134 (2021-08-07): begonias07, begonias18, cherryblossoms08
- Trade Points (x2): snow02, sunsets07, bluewhales20, pears07, tanzanites20, olives16, strawberries02, edelweiss19, , +1 gold
- 5 Random Pack (x1): volcanoes09, acorns03, americancockroaches19, acorns06, honeybees02
- Jigsaw: rain11, dunes20
- Harvesting (One): saturn12, whitetaileddeers07
- Reaction (Jackpot): gold18, rubies14, goldfish13, arcticfoxes18, redpandas11, bamboo18, lavender19, succulents07, redspiderlilies10, rubybonnets17
- Slot Machine (Token Type): glaciers02, lavender07, rubies18, seaturtles12, orchidmantis12
- Toggler: pumpkins10, autumn19
- an Ken Pon (Draw): waterfalls09, prejoin19
- Treasure Hunt: snowflakes09, cacti17
- Hangman 2 (Text): fujiyama06, obsidians17
- Seed Packets: olives10, rosequartz18
- Wheels (Lif\'s Sapling): prejoin08, jade07, leafsheeps18, +2 golds
- Freebies: pasqueflowers09, rosehips17, lakes07, whitetaileddeers03, whalesharks06, nicobarpigeons17, westernwhipsnakes12, africanwilddogs02, honeybees11, deserts09, +5 golds
- Upcoming Vote: greatwhitesharks05, darwinsfoxes08, venus14, fjords01
- Card Claim: Claimed deadsea17 and cockatiels02
- Daily Login (2021-08-07): brownbears05, +1 gold

August 02, 2021 ------------
- Mastery Drive (mainecoons): lava09, lava10, cherryblossoms09, gold20, seaturtles19, +5 golds
- Melting Pot: Traded ducks09 for amber04
- Freebies: honeybees05, julianalps19, sunrises02, edelweiss14, cherryblossoms17, fossils20, fairywrens19, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels12, fog06, alpacas01, +5 golds
- Lucky Match (Two Matches): lava01, summer13, catmint09, +4 golds
- Memory: greatwhitesharks09, leopardcatsharks06
- Daily Login (2021-08-03): jellyfish05, +1 gold
- Old Oak: redfoxes08, begonias10, +2 golds
- Deck Release (2021-08-01): indigomilkcaps15, indigomilkcaps09, andalusianhorses03, darwinsfoxes18
- Deck Mastery (supercells): mainecoons13, jupiter20, mountains13, peacockspiders15, wasps10, +5 golds
- Event achivements: ec-august2021, ec-1styearanniversary, ec-1stmasterydrive, ec-60members
- Wishes #129 (2021-08-01): ayamcemani01, ayamcemani04, lava01, lava02, mainecoons10, mainecoons12, sun08, sun09, corpselilies01, corpselilies05
- Wishes #131 (2021-08-01): sun13, jupiter10, jupiter18, ayamcemani13, corpselilies09, sun10, mainecoons09, lava08, ayamcemani17
- Wishes #130 (2021-08-01): jupiter07, jupiter08, mainecoons11
- Services (Referral): fossils19
- Daily Login (2021-08-02): northernlights03, +1 gold

August 01, 2021 ------------
- Botany: brownbears11, darwinsfoxes09, +2 golds
- Toggler: mountains10, lavender15
- Slot Machine (Token Type): deadsea13, emeralds12, venus04, lapislazuli05, emeralds18
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): rainbow11, corpselilies11
- Slots (Image Type): sareknationalpark04, sareknationalpark06, zionnationalpark20,
- Black Jack: croatia01, fairywrens15, bamboo14, humans17, +1 gold
- Island-Hop: wolves15, champignons07
- Harvesting (One): rainbow06, pinkbeaches01
- Upcoming Vote: amber19, grasses15, pomegranates18, lapislazuli16
- Card Claim: Claimed turquoise18 and stars01

Trade Logs

September 09, 2021 ------------
- Traded Kayori: my lava04, lava14, stars02, tigers13, tigers16, venus08, fossils01 for lilies08, lilies15, rosymaplemoths05, rosymaplemoths15, forests10, forests13, forests17
- Traded Emelie: my cherryblossoms08, dandelions02, moss12, stars07 for amethyst03, giantsequoia09, jellyfish05, jellyfish11

September 05, 2021 ------------
- Traded Emelie: my bamboo10, cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms05, edelweiss16, moon01, moon02, moon10, nebulae10, nebulae18, seaturtles08, seaturtles13, seaturtles19, stars04 for amber13, bettafish12, clouds17, cockatiels11, goldfish18, pyjamasharks13, snowflakes01, succulents03, tabbycats05, turquoise11, marguerites02, marguerites07, marguerites17

September 01, 2021 ------------
- Traded Gem: my fjords10, fjords13, jade12, northernlights06, pearls10, figs08, figs15, quicksilver11, whippets04, supercells01 for barnowls06, bettafish08, durians06, jellyfish15, riversoca03, riversoca20, rosymaplemoths04, rosymaplemoths07, rosymaplemoths08, silver11

August 29, 2021 ------------
- Traded Schnegge: my moon16, moon17, leaves15, tigers01, tigers06, tigers07 for bettafish06, bettafish14, durians15, riversoca17, shameplant08, supernovae15 + MCs

August 28, 2021 ------------
- Traded SalyaDarken: my arcticfoxes07 for riversoca10 + MCs

August 27, 2021 ------------
- Traded Lina: my blackcats05, blackcats15, flyagarics06, quicksilver08 for barnowls20, jellyfish06, jellyfish11, jellyfish14
- Traded Lex: my fog05, fog19, geysers17, lapislazuli10, lava05, whitetigers20 for bettafish13, riversoca04, riversoca08, riversoca12, silver05, shameplant03
- Traded Emelie: my dunes12, dunes15, dunes18, dunes19, dunes20, fog17, fog19, forests15, orchidmantis03, orchidmantis15, peonies11, rainbow11, rainbow12, snowflakes03, snowflakes12, snowflakes18, stars20, venusflytraps13, waterfalls09, waterfalls12 for durians18, durians19, shameplant02, shameplant03, zebras09, honeycombs04, honeycombs13, honeycombs19, leafcutterbees15, leafcutterbees18, sphynxcats07, wasps01, pollen04, pollen12, plankton09, plankton10, pinkbeaches06, obsidians08, obsidians09, norwegianforestcats11
- Traded Emelie: my arcticfoxes18, butterflies16, dandelions01, dandelions06, dandelions10, deadsea08, deadsea14, dunes02, dunes03, dunes07, dunes10 for sun17, blacktruffles01, fallspark09, giantscauseway13, giantscauseway17, indigomilkcaps17, rosehips01, rosehips18, succulents13, cherryshrimp01, cherryshrimp18

August 26, 2021 ------------
- Traded StephJ: my cherryblossoms16, cherryblossoms17, earth02, earth03, earth10 for jellyfish03, riversoca13, rosymaplemoths10, , supernovae10, indigomilkcaps05 + MCs

August 25, 2021 ------------
- Traded Ashley: my eclipses12, corpselilies18, spiders07, spiders12, humans16, geodes02, africanwilddogs02, africanwilddogs14, africanwilddogs17, devilstooth03, postojnacave15, sugargliders18 for arcticfoxes14, arcticfoxes16, lapislazuli12, lapislazuli13, lapislazuli20, blackcats05, blackcats14, blackcats16,
butterflies16, cherryblossoms16, moon16, moon20

August 21, 2021 ------------
- Traded Eviantus: my jade07, grandopening02, grandopening03, earth14, earth18, galaxies02, galaxies17 for arcticfoxes08, blackcats12, jellyfish19, silver17, shameplant12, bettafish01, bettafish19
- Traded Star: my cherryblossoms15, wulingyuan10, wulingyuan13 for barnowls18, gold14, silver02
- Traded Kayori: my arcticfoxes12, croatia01, edelweiss13, emeralds18, forests01, giraffes04, giraffes06, gold12, horses08, horses15, horses18, horses20, jellyfish02, jellyfish08, lavender03, lavender04, lavender06, lavender11, lavender14, lavender20, mainecoons15, pumpkins11, rainbow04, rainbow07, rainbow14, rainbow20, redfoxes19, redpandas02, redpandas07, redpandas14, riversoca05, riversoca09, riversoca12, riversoca13, rosymaplemoths01, rosymaplemoths15, rubies18, silver01, stars08, stars20, succulents01, succulents04, succulents07, succulents19 for amber12, americansamoa10, arcticfoxes18, atlanticpuffins08, barnowls14, blackcats05, butterflies01, butterflies07, christmas202010, christmas202011, cockatiels01, cockatiels12, cockatiels16, eclipses14, eurasianlynxes01, gold17, goldfish01, goldfish02, hermitcrabs09, hermitcrabs12, hermitcrabs13, hermitcrabs14, hermitcrabs17, hermitcrabs18, hermitcrabs20, indigomilkcaps01, indigomilkcaps08, indigomilkcaps13, jellyfish06, kyanites06, kyanites18, leopardcatsharks01, mackereltabbycats03, mackereltabbycats18, mackereltabbycats19, mountains05, mountains06, newyear202107, newyear202109, pinksapphires16, pomegranates07, sun20, tanzanites02, tanzanites08

August 18, 2021 ------------
- Traded Mio: my amethyst18, amethyst19, cherryblossoms05, cherryblossoms13, dandelions03, fennecfoxes13, fennecfoxes14, koi01, koi10, koi18, moon01, moon04, nebulae15, redfoxes09, redfoxes11, redfoxes16, redfoxes18 for gold06, rubybonnets01, rubybonnets19, silver19, atlanticpuffins02, atlanticpuffins06, atlanticpuffins19, blacktruffles20, christmas202002, christmas202007, christmas202017, forests08, goldfish04, goldfish16, grapes10, grapes18, grapes20

August 17, 2021 ------------
- Traded saya: my lava10, lava13 for butterflies03, nebulae08
- Traded Drew: my fairywrens14, fairywrens19, orchidmantis02, orchidmantis20, fujiyama10, fujiyama17, corals20, bigsur01, bigsur04, bigsur05, bigsur17, bigsur18, bigsur20, orangeclownfish01, milkyway07, milkyway18 for cherryblossoms04, lapislazuli11, moon09, moon10, moon14, mountains14, mountains19, rubybonnets06, blacktruffles16, emeralds08, milkyway01, milkyway04, milkyway08, nebulae02, nebulae03, nebulae11

August 16, 2021 ------------
- Traded Emelie: my axolotls03, axolotls17, lavender11, sweden18, sweden19 for gold07, americansamoa01, blackcats16, blackcats18, emeralds16
- Traded Star: my mars07, mars19 for pinksapphires01, pinksapphires02
- Traded Lina: my catmint07, catmint09, acorns06, acorns18, cliffs03, leaves10, mushrooms16, newyear202116 for lapislazuli03, moon02, mountains01, mountains04, mountains05, mountains07, mountains08, mountains11
- Traded Eviantus: my honeybees12, honeybees17, honeybees20, halloween202012, halloween202013, halloween202014, halloween202016, valentines202106, valentines202115, valentines202116, tornadoes05, tornadoes11 for butterflies11, butterflies18, moon19, kelp02, blackcats06, blackcats07, blacktruffles05, milkyway09, nebulae06, nebulae09, oceans05, oceans17
- Traded Nea: my alpacas01, alpacas07 for lapislazuli04, indigomilkcaps12, + MCs
- Traded Lina: my croatia14, giraffes08, giraffes14, giraffes16, prejoin09, prejoin14, slovenia04, slovenia11, gold15, gold20, orchidmantis18 for butterflies09, butterflies15, deadsea08, deadsea19, rubybonnets14, sun01, sun16, blackcats04, blackcats11, eclipses05, eclipses13

August 12, 2021 ------------
- Traded Hayley: my mainecoons04, mainecoons08, mainecoons20 for blacktruffles11, pyjamasharks01, rustyspottedcats04 + MCs
- Traded Drew: my fujiyama12, harvestmice07, winter13, winter18, waterfalls02, waterfalls04, waterfalls07, waterfalls09, fairywrens05, fairywrens11, fairywrens12, fairywrens15 for cherryblossoms12, cherryblossoms18, northernlights19, northernlights20, prejoin13, stars04, stars07, stars14, stars19, deadsea02, deadsea07, deadsea20

August 10, 2021 ------------
- Traded Miki: my rustyspottedcats01, fujiyama02, fujiyama06 for leopardcatsharks19, sareknationalpark07, moon07
- Traded Kayori: my fennecfoxes04, fennecfoxes06, fennecfoxes09, gold14, gold18, lightning19, peonies01, peonies20 for cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms07, fossils13, stars09, stars17, venus07, venus16, venus20
- Traded Emelie: my barnowls01, barnowls08, barnowls09, barnowls10, barnowls11, barnowls14, barnowls15, redfoxes04, redfoxes05, redfoxes08, redfoxes10, redpandas11, redpandas15, rosymaplemoths01, rosymaplemoths02, rosymaplemoths04, rosymaplemoths05, rosymaplemoths15, silver17, spring01, spring04, spring08, spring15, spring16, whitetigers04, whitetigers08, whitetigers10, whitetigers17, whitetigers18, whitetigers19 for arcticfoxes07, amber05, butterflies19, grapes02, grapes05, iceland01, iceland02, iceland03, iceland04, iceland05, giantscauseway01, giantscauseway13, giantscauseway14, giantscauseway20, moon05, mackereltabbycats01, lapislazuli08, lapislazuli09, newyear202101, pyjamasharks15, rustyspottedcats12, tabbycats17, tabbycats20, goldfish05, goldfish09, hermitcrabs01, hermitcrabs10, hermitcrabs11, hermitcrabs13, hermitcrabs15

August 08, 2021 ------------
- Traded Kupo: my cheetahs09, starfish19, starfish20, arcticfoxes11, axolotls17, fog06, fog07, glaciers15 for geysers10, edelweiss01, edelweiss07, kelp17, lichens06, lichens17, moon12, eclipses20
- Traded erin: my galaxies13, autumn09, autumn19, forests20, redspiderlilies08, redspiderlilies16, geodes16, whitetaileddeers14 for arcticfoxes04, cherryblossoms03, geysers07, geysers20, kelp18, northernlights17, stars12, stars17

August 07, 2021 ------------
- Traded Mio: my northernlights09, northernlights14, amazonrainforest17, comets06, comets07, humans02, humans06, humans17, leaves12, mushrooms09 for prejoin03, prejoin04, prejoin12, prejoin15, prejoin20, geysers06, geysers08, kelp16, venus10, indigomilkcaps20
- Traded Frankie: my goldfish19, begonias10, fairywrens13 for prejoin07, indigomilkcaps04, tanzanites05
- Traded Emelie: my fossils08, fossils18, liverleaves13, liverleaves16, milkyway12, moss10, rubies13, rubies20, sweden08, sweden13, sweden20, tigers20 for butterflies01, butterflies12, leopardcatsharks04, leopardcatsharks11, typhoons01, typhoons02, tanzanites01, tanzanites13, tanzanites17, edelweiss08, edelweiss09, edelweiss16
- Traded saya: my sunrises02, sunrises04, arcticfoxes13, autumn05, autumn12, ferrets08, lavender07, lavender15, orchidmantis12, riversoca17, snowflakes16, snowflakes19, riversoca06 for fossils15, arcticfoxes15, lichens01, lichens04, stars05, stars16, venus01, venus05, venus07, venus09, venus12, venus13, venus20
- Traded Lex: my bamboo04, bamboo14, cherryblossoms13, redpandas04, spring08, spring14, spring15, tigers12, tigers17, venus06 for begonias02, begonias08, begonias09, begonias11, begonias16, begonias19, corpselilies03, corpselilies07, corpselilies19, edelweiss15

August 06, 2021 ------------
- Traded Gem: my lava01, lava03, lava12, redfoxes08, edelweiss11, edelweiss18, fjords01, jade07 for blacktruffles04, blacktruffles08, blacktruffles10, blacktruffles18, tanzanites04, leopardcatsharks14, pyjamasharks16, stars06
- Traded Eviantus: my pinkbeaches16, dunes08, dunes09, halloween202003, halloween202009, halloween202012, honeybees07, honeybees08, sunsets11 for ayamcemani08, ayamcemani12, corpselilies10, corpselilies20, glaciers10, glaciers11, glaciers13, glaciers17, arcticfoxes03
- Traded saya: my bettafish08, edelweiss19, mountains13, koi13 for glaciers09, glaciers20, fog11, newyear202114

July 27, 2021 ------------
- Traded Gem: my bluebells10 for jupiter17

July 01, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my deadsea11, deadsea16, deserts18, ducks09, fairywrens10, emeralds19, mainecoons01, lunamoths04, oleanders03, olms18 for dragonsnakes02, dragonsnakes08, dragonsnakes15, corpselilies04, corpselilies13, corpselilies18, westernwhipsnakes03, westernwhipsnakes15, mackereltabbycats05, mackereltabbycats10

June 18, 2021 ------------
- Traded Naomi: my stars19, polarbears09 for cockatiels19, cacti10
- Traded Makri: my rosequartz12, sunflowers02, sunflowers20 for quicksilver01
- Traded Eviantus: my cinnabarmoths09, cinnabarmoths10, cinnabarmoths11, cinnabarmoths15, lava09 for westernwhipsnakes01, westernwhipsnakes20, zhangyenationalgeopark12, orchidmantis19, greatwhitesharks20

June 08, 2021 ------------
- Traded Frankie: my goldfish05, goldfish15, goldfish16 for westernwhipsnakes06, rustyspottedcats01, mackereltabbycats02, mc-Frankie

May 21, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my carrots03, edelweiss02, forests02, giantpandas11, giraffes07, jellyfish08, lakes20, lava09, lava18, lavender13 for postojnacave04, postojnacave05, postojnacave07, postojnacave15, greatwhitesharks05, greatwhitesharks10, greatwhitesharks11, greatwhitesharks14, tabbycats05, tabbycats17
- Traded Eviantus: my kingfishers04, glaciers11, glaciers15, glaciers20 for flamingoes15, flamingoes16, orchidmantis20, tabbycats16

April 18, 2021 ------------
- Traded suza: my bettafish10, orchids16, polarbears15, sunflowers12, sunflowers15, wisteria14, wisteria16, zebras06, zebras07, zebras14, zebras16, geodes17, kingfishers07, kingfishers12, kingfishers19, leafsheeps18, lilacbreastedrollers02, lilacbreastedrollers18, nebelungcats14, obsidians02, obsidians04, obsidians09, pinkbeaches06, summer03, summer06, summer10, summer14 for figs16, figs18, ghostfungi08, ghostfungi12, ghostfungi18, bushvipers04, bushvipers17, comets01, greatwhitesharks08, greatwhitesharks18, hermitcrabs08, hermitcrabs17, hermitcrabs18, lichens05, newyear202104, newyear202117, opals01, opals14, opals20, quicksilver08, quicksilver11, quicksilver18, rosehips08, rosehips18, tabbycats02, tabbycats08, tabbycats13
- Traded Mio: my asianblackbears12, champignons06, honeybees05, honeybees16, molds01, molds18, orchids05, pearls04, pearls07, pearls14 for figs06, postojnacave11, bushvipers01, bushvipers20, hermitcrabs19, lichens02, tardigrades17, tardigrades19, viruses10, viruses19

April 16, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my begonias13, bengalfoxes10, bismuth03, dunes08, giantpandas11, lava15, leafcutterbees14, mountains16, nebelungcats02, orangeclownfish14 for tabbycats06, tabbycats18, postojnacave12, spiders17, spiders20, giantscauseway04, giantscauseway05, giantscauseway06, giantscauseway10, gladiolus18

April 11, 2021 ------------
- Traded Emelie: my amazonrainforest15, amazonrainforest20, waterlilies16 for galaxies01, galaxies05, amber01
- Traded Yuuchin: my barnowls11, carrots05, cherryblossoms05, cockatoos05, fossils02, gardenias10, honeycombs09, koalas16, koi08, lava03 for postojnacave14, postojnacave16, postojnacave17, postojnacave20, spiders01, spiders03, spiders07, spiders12, ghostfungi10, giantscauseway15

April 09, 2021 ------------
- Traded Ria: my bwbordercollies20, corals09, deadsea16 for cockatoos17, galaxies15,

April 05, 2021 ------------
- Traded Kayori: my cherryshrimp16, cherryshrimp19, lunamoths03, lunamoths06, lunamoths10, lunamoths17, lunamoths19, obsidians20, oceans03, oceans05, oceans19, oceans20, sunsets17 for champignons13, dandelions01, dandelions08, dandelions10, dandelions18, ghostfungi03, spiders16, seaturtles02, seaturtles07, seaturtles09, seaturtles13, seaturtles17, seaturtles19

April 04, 2021 ------------
- Traded Eviantus: my amethyst08, amethyst12, amethyst19, northerncardinals08, northerncardinals12 for mushrooms17, spiders15, spiders18
- Traded Eviantus: my geodes06 for
- Traded april: my lilacbreastedrollers03, lilacbreastedrollers06, wisteria15 for mushrooms06, mushrooms07, mushrooms08

April 02, 2021 ------------
- Traded april: my bengalfoxes06, lakes09, lakes12, summer19, peaches10, comets10 for venusflytraps11, venusflytraps16, venusflytraps18, viruses09, bushvipers06, bushvipers15

March 31, 2021 ------------
- Traded Eviantus: my emeralds04, emeralds08 for postojnacave01, postojnacave02 + MCs

March 29, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my arcticfoxes13, barnowls10, barnowls15, clovers01, crestedgeckos18, deadsea11, fog17, fossils08, gardenias12, geysers02 for opals02, opals04, opals12, mushrooms01, mushrooms05, mushrooms20, jupiter11, jupiter12, jupiter14, viruses20

March 27, 2021 ------------
- Traded Caitlin: my cavalierkingcharlesspaniels05, butterflies03, butterflies19, emperorpenguins20 for molds01, spiderwebs17, gladiolus14, galaxies20

March 22, 2021 ------------
- Traded Lina: my arcticfoxes19 for bamboo20

March 21, 2021 ------------
- Traded Gem: my bmbordercollies15, caves10, cliffs10, kingfishers05, orchids02 for classictabbycats01, classictabbycats13, opals15, tanzanites10, turquoise06

March 20, 2021 ------------
- Traded Emelie: my honeybees07, honeybees15, rain04 for venusflytraps05, bushvipers07, bushvipers13
- Traded Yuuchin: my bismuth17, clovers20, fennecfoxes06, fog19, grasses10, glaciers08, islands07, koalas17, mainecoons16, orangeclownfish14 for valentines202105, valentines202114, spiderwebs01, comets07, comets10, comets15, jupiter04, jupiter06, jupiter09, opals18

March 18, 2021 ------------
- Traded Mio: my bluewhales13, lakes06, lakes18, olives02, olives10, olives13, slovenia12, slovenia13, volcanoes10, volcanoes14 for ragdolls09, figs07, figs20, quicksilver09, spiderwebs20, venusflytraps04, venusflytraps09, venusflytraps10, venusflytraps15, venusflytraps19

March 16, 2021 ------------
- Traded Kayori: my wisteria20, obsidians19, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels15 for comets02, figs09, spiderwebs17

March 14, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my barnowls07, cheetahs10, cinnabarmoths15, earth10, edelweiss10, fossils02, giraffes04, gold14, harvestmice19, mainecoons05 for sunrises17, sunrises20, valentines202102, valentines202107, valentines202120, spiderwebs07, spiderwebs08, spiderwebs09, spiderwebs14, opals16

March 13, 2021 ------------
- Traded Lex: my nebelungcats10, nebelungcats14, obsidians01, glaciers01, glaciers18 for starfish17, bamboo06, bamboo16, bamboo13, ragdolls07

March 08, 2021 ------------
- Traded Kupo: my rosequartz11, snow03, wisteria16 for molds14, spiderwebs03, champignons02
- Traded Kayori: my rosymaplemoths13, rosymaplemoths17, rosymaplemoths19, rosymaplemoths20, obsidians04, obsidians09, wolves20 for ragdolls12, molds05, nemophila11, cockatoos19, roses15, spiderwebs02, valentines202103
- Traded Emelie: my nebulae18, sunflowers12 for lilacbreastedrollers18, figs05

March 07, 2021 ------------
- Traded Gem: my nemophila02, cheetahs10, cheetahs18, fujiyama10, heathers02, waves15, wulingyuan13 for cockatoos08, champignons05, champignons06, champignons20, figs14, gladiolus19, opals16

March 05, 2021 ------------
- Traded saya: my alpacas13, amazonrainforest02, amazonrainforest06, amazonrainforest13, caves11, caves13, lionsmane07, lionsmane19, newyear202103 for lilacbreastedrollers08, classictabbycats20, figs03, turquoise01, champignons07, valentines202108, roses05, roses10, roses17
- Traded Gem: my lakes16, hibiscus20, sunsets11, snow04 for starfish11, starfish18, nemophila08, lilacbreastedrollers15
- Traded Nessa: my axolotls06, axolotls12, polarbears12 for lilacbreastedrollers06, cockatoos01, roses11 + MCs

March 04, 2021 ------------
- Traded Lina: my fairywrens17, silver17 for rubies03, rubies08
- Traded april: my alpacas12, olives06, olives16, starfish07, waterlilies13, waves09 for rubies05, rubies09, rubies15, rubies18, rubies20, ragdolls03
- Traded Lee: my barnowls18, rain12, rain17, rain18, tuftedtitmice14, virginiatigermoths14, whitejapaneseraccoondogs05 for pinkbeaches01, pinkbeaches02, pinkbeaches04, starfish01, roses01, roses02, roses06

March 01, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my bamboo18, fennecfoxes12, figs02, figs17, lunamoths04, lichens20, northerncardinals02, mountains09, orangeclownfish14, prejoin16 for spiderwebs06, spiderwebs10, classictabbycats03, classictabbycats08, classictabbycats14, classictabbycats16, gladiolus01, newyear202113, newyear202103, newyear202116

February 27, 2021 ------------
- Traded Emelie: my volcanoes17, volcanoes18, winter05, winter07, winter11 for cockatoos01, cockatoos09, molds13, molds15, ragdolls08
- Traded april: my hummingbirds06, alpacas01, alpacas03 for kingfishers03, kingfishers05, waves03

February 26, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my hermitcrabs01, grandopening02, northernlights01, redpandas07, redfoxes08, slovenia13, snow19, sphynxcats04, whitejapaneseraccoondogs13, whitetigers15 for kingfishers02, kingfishers13, cliffs03, cliffs08, cliffs11, cliffs13, lilacbreastedrollers02, lilacbreastedrollers14, lilacbreastedrollers16, classictabbycats04
- Traded Zenit: my bettafish02, bettafish11, bettafish12 for norwegianforestcats10, norwegianforestcats12, cockatoos12
- Traded Ria: my axolotls16, bamboo20, lightning20 for waves01, cliffs06, molds12
- Traded yasu: my graywolves11, wolves17 for molds17, molds19

February 21, 2021 ------------
- Traded Emelie: my cherryshrimp14, redpandas16, redpandas19 for fujiyama07, pinkbeaches20, kingfishers06
- Traded Yuuchin: my whitetigers04, winter06, whalesharks12, virginiatigermoths15, tigers01, stars11, venusflytraps13, snow08, sky17, slovenia14 for fujiyama05, pinkbeaches07, pinkbeaches18, , starfish02, starfish19, waves04, waves11, waves12, roses07, roses19

February 20, 2021 ------------
- Traded yasu: my emperorpenguins18 for starfish02
- Traded saya: my carrots14, saturn13, saturn19, riversoca15, riversoca20 for norwegianforestcats08, fujiyama03, cockatoos05, waves15, molds06
- Traded Mio: my wolves16, bigsur01, bigsur06, bigsur07, bigsur18 for norwegianforestcats14, turquoise02, waves13, waves15, waves20

February 13, 2021 ------------
- Traded Ria: my alpacas15, saturn19, axolotls04 for nemophila19, norwegianforestcats17, norwegianforestcats18

February 12, 2021 ------------
- Traded Lee: my barnowls09, barnowls13, barnowls16 for amazonrainforest01, orchids01, croatia19 + MCs
- Traded Emelie: my sphynxcats14, sphynxcats18, axolotls08, axolotls11, winter15 for nemophila01, nemophila10, waves06, waves16, pinkbeaches08 + MCs

February 08, 2021 ------------
- Traded Aki: my carrots18, carrots19, tigers04, tigers15, mars10 for croatia11, norwegianforestcats05, norwegianforestcasts03, norwegianforestcats07, norwegianforestcats15

February 05, 2021 ------------
- Traded samantha: my rosequartz07 for nemophila20

February 04, 2021 ------------
- Traded Lex: my geysers09, geysers19, sunsets18 for leaves06, leaves13, leaves17
- Traded Suza: my nicobarpigeons20, bluewhales12, wulingyuan03, wulingyuan13 for orchids08, orchids18, amazonrainforest09, amazonrainforest13

February 03, 2021 ------------
- Traded Yuuchin: my carrots19, crestedgeckos09, emeralds04, edelweiss20, fog08, mainecoons20, lunamoths18, pears14, olms18, redpandas09 for orchids06, orchids10, orchids16, leaves14, leaves16. fujiyama02, fujiyama08, amazonrainforest03, amazonrainforest15, amazonrainforest20